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Creative STEM Programs for Engaged Learning

Thank you for your interest in Pop-Up Learning Solutions. We are a team of creative educators and organized project leaders that have combined resources to drive innovative educational programs for teachers, their students and related educational planners throughout the region.

Our programs and training services meet the growing need for S.T.E.M. programming for elementary, middle-school and high school students. In addition to the STEM focus (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), our team has significant experience incorporating the Arts and other creative, hands-on activities.  We offer an engaging approach to learning, including programs, activities, lessons, and in-depth workshops for robust learning.

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Please learn more about our team and how we are using our resources to bring creative STEM/STEAM Programs to teachers, students and their families.  Furthermore, we would love to hear about your program and curricular planning, and if our experience and best practices can help you achieve a greater impact.


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We were pleased to be presenters at the annual NYCLSA Symposium where we helped educators learn more about the 4 C’s of Communication. Using legos teams worked to create their vision of the future world.      ...

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We all know the old saying, “Practice makes perfect.”, don’t we? I’ve reminded many struggling students that success on the basketball court, for example, involves shooting free throws over and over again until the motions become automatic. So it is, I counsel...

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